Mountains and panoramic visits


Mountains and panoramic visits

In the immediate vicinity of the Hotel, we advise our guests to visit the Mottarone, about 25 minutes by car from the hotel, or 15 minutes by cable car, ideal for walking and mountain enthusiasts. At 1,497 m of altitude, from its summits you can enjoy the view of the six lakes in the Po Valley, of the Italian and Swiss Alps and of the majestic Monte Rosa. The peak, also equipped for winter sports, can be reached by cable car or by car along "The Borromea", a scenic route taking you through torrents, centuries-old woods and soft meadows.

An evocative trip to Locarno and Cento Valli, 60 km from Stresa, an unforgettable tour with departure by train from Stresa towards Domodossola, through the famous Centovalli until you get to Locarno. To end the tour, you can arrange a fun and fast return to Stresa by boat or hydrofoil.

At the foot of the majestic rock face of Monte Rosa, Europe's highest peak, is Macugnaga, about an hour's drive from Stresa. It is a village founded eight centuries ago by the Walser population of German origin, rich in traditions and culture preserved over the years through its houses made of stone and wood, the costumes with precious embroidery, the language and the typical traditions. It offers tourist accommodation services, modern sports facilities and ski resorts.

Thanks to the umbrella craftsmen who wanted to honour the profession that made this little village in the hills of Stresa famous in the 18th century, we recommend a visit to the Umbrella Museum in Gignese, approximately 15 minutes by car from Stresa, with the typical polygonal Umbrellas manufactured in Gignese are still produced, repaired and sold throughout the. world today.

Romantic and not to be missed, is a visit to the beautiful Lake Orta, about 40 minutes by car from Stresa. As the famous writer from the Lake Maggiore area, Piero Chiara, it is “A watercolour created by God, painted on a silk backdrop, with the Sacro Monte behind it, its moving avenue with closed buildings alongside it, the silent square with peaked facades behind the horse chestnut trees and opposite the island of San Giulio…” It is a place of magical silence and graceful sophistication.