Beatrice, Roberto and Daniela Zanetta give their warm welcome to You to Villa & Palazzo Aminta.

Overlooking the enchanting Gulf of the Borromean Islands in Stresa, Villa & Palazzo Aminta is a precious gem of the international chain The Leading Hotels of the World, lovingly guarded by the lush vegetation and crystal clear water of Lake Maggiore.

The affectionate atmosphere of the private house, the warmth of the family and the thoughtful care and attention distinguish the new and exclusive spaces in the hotel, where the passing of time has stratified the styles and traditions of Italian art.
Like a beating heart, the evocative Italian Patio spreads care and passion into the new rooms that embrace it, creating sensations of elegance throughout a balanced and harmonious environment.
The floors are Venetian terrazzo style, the columns are made of shining marble, the standards and the precious fabrics on the walls wrap the rooms in a soft light, creating a charming play of iridescent reflections.

Direct access from the external entrance to the Halls makes these spaces ideal for hosting big events and car presentations with great style.

The concept of luxury is reinvented and renewed at Villa & Palazzo Aminta, where the refinement of the most classic styles blends with a modern and attentive mentality, creating an intimate dimension in which you can let yourself be pampered while surrounded by the most exquisite and sensual materials.

"everywhere, every detail and every one of the smallest features helps turn the experience of anyone choosing to stay here into a dream."