Treat yourself to the magical experience of getting to know and touch the excellence of the service and of Italian hospitality. Lessons to learn and gain a deeper knowledge of the most intriguing aspects of catering and of the art of hospitality.

Cook (cooking lesson): Let yourself be guided by our expert chef in the preparation and tasting of the most traditional and typical dishes of Italian culture.

Participate (cooking experience): Enjoy the experience of a true high-quality service from the inside. Put on the chef's uniform, pick up knives and ladles and leap into action! You will be able to work side by side with our professionals during preparations for a meal and personally experience the dynamism and the vivacity of a warm and fully active kitchen. You will be able to astound your friends or family, who will be awaiting the fruits of your exciting experience, while sitting in comfort in the dining room.

Mixology or Drinking Mixed Drinks: Enter into the magical and mysterious world of cocktails and mixed drinks. Our sublime barman will be your guide throughout this deep exploration that begins with the most famous and typical Italian products to reveal the mysteries of historical and modern cocktails.

Flours and pastas: Have a first-hand experience of the wide variety of Italian flours and learn about their varied uses. You will be able to personally engage in and experience the history and production of the most easily recognisable products of the great Italian tradition, such as focaccia, pizza, appetizers and fresh pasta.


An attentive, discreet and meticulous service to ensure you a personal and thorough experience you desire. Our porters attend to the needs of all our guests before, during and after your stay at Villa &  Palazzo Aminta.

You can contact our concierge who will help you with your every wish at any time of day and in every wing of the hotel.  The service is available in all the common areas and is easy recognizable.


Each exciting experience requires the right musical score to give it a touch of magic.

The evenings at Villa & Palazzo Aminta are accompanied by the most elegant and refined music, filling your evening with unique and unmistakable sensations, coming right from the typical Italian melodic heart.

A succession of professionals and themes will make every evening unique, exploring worlds far and near like jazz and the accordion, as well as the great singer-songwriters of the Italian scene.


Let our experts guide you through the knowledge and the tasting of the most typical and traditional products, choosing from a wide variety of dishes.

Cheeses: Directly from the nearby Alps to our tables laden with food, there is every variety of cheese, from the most mature to the softer types. Savour an infinite variety of flavours, from cow's milk to goat's milk, and stop to taste the traditional and typical gorgonzola, allowing yourself to be amazed by its unique and unmistakable flavour.

Cakes and desserts: An array of colours and consistencies where you can lose your senses and let your desire lead the way. A wide variety of Italian cakes and desserts, from those most deeply-rooted in the culture to experimental ones, to be enjoyed as single portions or from the more rustic and familiar cakes.