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Our philosophy

Beauty & Spa

Harmony and regeneration:

The expert touch, allowing you to tune your body, a diet studied to enhance tastes and flavours, the unconditional pleasure of being charmed by luxury, sun, water and the majesty of art and nature.

These are the essential elements of our philosophy: the careful search for balance in everyday life: a sequence of mind, reason and action, counterbalanced by our skilful process of regeneration of physicality and of the senses.

We searched for an idea of physical well-being for you, an offer to satisfy, in a visceral and primordial way, the need for pleasure that nature awakens within us.

This offer of elemental, carnal and natural pleasure is shown in the yellow heat of the sun, in the spring breeze, in the water in the pool, in the gentle shore of the lake and in our Hotel's shady park.

“Yin”, the delicate elegance of the La Grotta Spa, and “Yang”, the passionate power of the affectionate sun and of Lake Maggiore.

Our wellness treatment is based on energy rebalancing through massages, baths, a combination of movement and energy, unconditional relaxation and nutrition.