DCA Certification


DCA Certification

Villa AMINTA, another quality achievement.

After a full day of audit and screening of over 800 evaluation parameters covering different aspects of the hotel structure, Villa e Palazzo Aminta has recently obtained the prestigious international certification DCA (Dream&Charme Assurance) which guarantees the characteristics of the accommodation facilities to final customers, agencies and intermediaries in an independent and impartial manner.. With its Accredia accreditation and the Certification Mark "DCA", Dream&Charme is the only Certification Body accredited for the evaluation and certification of accommodation facilities and which, for the highest range of accommodation facilities, also guarantees the requirements of uniqueness and excellence.

Another important confirmation of efficiency and quality that Villa e Palazzo AMINTA wanted to add to the brands The Leading Hotels of the World, Virtuoso and Signature in order to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of its customers.