Villa & Palazzo Aminta launches the new Brand


The elegant matron wakes up again, new and fresh, with a renewed revolutionary appearance, but always faithful.

From the historical standards, you will discover Villa & Palazzo Aminta's new logo, which looks more fluid and contemporary.

With this new picture of itself, Villa & Palazzo Aminta aims to provide a more lively image and wants to do so by addressing the world with modern and effective methods.

It now shows itself to its guests in a charming custom-made, elegant and linear dress.

Like every wise Lady, however, Villa & Palazzo Aminta takes this exciting step towards its future without forgetting its traditions, without abandoning its centuries-old and deep origins.

Villa & Palazzo Aminta's new appearance is the perfect combination of the modern luxury and ancient values that have always made it stand out.

The simpler lines and well-studied proportions with which Villa and Palazzo Aminta wants to start out again, give the logo a renewed legibility, without betraying its ideals of refined elegance, safety and attention to detail that have always made it stand out.

The shapes of the magnificent crown and majestic shield, which have always embraced and protected the beating heart of Villa & Palazzo Aminta, are now streamlined and simplified. Nevertheless, they are still filled with the values and the love that have always characterized a stay at Villa & Palazzo Aminta.