Borromeo Islands


Borromeo Islands

Stresa, a delightful little capital on the shores of Lake Maggiore, overlooking the splendid Gulf of the Borromean Islands, is located on the slopes of the Mottarone, in a spectacular panorama between water and mountains. Renowned throughout the world, it is a prestigious place to stay for elite tourists and business customers, an authentic jewel with a high-level cultural and artistic life. It is a centre of international meetings and events, sports competitions and prestigious cultural and artistic initiatives. Favourite city of the king of Wurttemberg, the sovereigns of England, Elisabeth of Saxony and artists and academics, it was praised by Dickens, Flaubert and Fogazzaro.  

The lakeside of Stresa was built in the 30s. The initial illumination, defined as the "ballon", seen at night gave a romantic atmosphere to the lakefront.  

There are numerous tours and excursions not to be missed in the area surrounding Stresa, an interesting and fun way to become more deeply acquainted with Lake Maggiore and many excursions can be booked at the Hotel. The most exciting of these is undoubtedly the visit to the Borromean Islands, a few minutes by bat from Stresa and from the Hotel.

Isola Bella (Beautiful Island), the most evocative of the Borromean Islands, visited every day by thousands of tourists, is the home of the monumental Baroque Palace, the dwelling of the Borromeo family and in which there are priceless works of art. The palace is surrounded by lush gardens where you will find all varieties of rare plants and flowers growing on the terraces: a classic and unique example of an Italian garden of that period. On the island, there are numerous bars, restaurants and many shops selling artisan products and souvenirs.

Isola Madre (Mother Island), largest of the Borromean Islands, is the most distinctive due to the atmosphere there. On the island, there is the wonderful garden of rare plants and exotic flowers where white peacocks live, along with parrots and pheasants of every variety, creating the enchantment of a tropical land. The Mother Island is particularly famous for the blooming of the azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias. Don't miss out on a visit to the Palace, with wonderful period spaces and collections of liveries, dolls and porcelains. The quaint 

Isola Pescatori (Fishing Island), named after the traditional activity carried out by its inhabitants, has a special charm and has remained unchanged over the centuries, due to the simplicity and the rustic candour of its houses and small flower-filled streets. The visit to the island is wonderful, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the delicious lake fish in one of the typical and renowned restaurants from which you can enjoy the lovely views of the coast. Another visit that is worth is to the mountain of Mottarone, the unmistakable "panettone" above Stresa and Orta.  

In 2019, the 58th edition of the Stresa Festival will be held during the summer, as usual: it includes nights of concerts of symphonic orchestras, dance, cinema, literature and multimedia content. Having a visual show to complement a concert has become a mark of style for the Stresa Festival.

Pleasant and relaxing is shopping, under the historic arcades and streets adjacent fashion, jewelry stores, bookstores, antique dealers. Out port, at 10 km, is the middle market Gande islands (more than 50 stores). Also not to be missed are the numerous local craft stalls and typical products found on the Borromean Islands!