I Principi Bar


I Principi Bar

The multifaceted soul of the I Principi bar and the thousand iridescent facets bringing it to life make this elegant and refined meeting place ideal for every situation. 

The I Principi bar is open from early in the morning through to the darkest and latest hours of the night and is a place in which you can and unwind at any time of the day.

A hot and full-bodied coffee, to start the day in the best way after a restful night, a glass of wine to savour before lunch or a quick, fresh snack to break to keep you going, a creamy ice-cream as a delicious treat, an elegant aperitif and a relaxing after-dinner drink. The I Principi bar is always ready to satisfy your every need, pampering you with perfect flavours and the captivating notes of live music.  The piano bar embraces guests in the I Principi bar with delicate hues that always aim to recreate an ideal atmosphere of relaxation and refreshment.