Unforgettable Ceremonies


Unforgettable Ceremonies

Live those unforgettable moments that you wish would never end, here with us at Villa & Palazzo Aminta. 

Your child's christening and your golden wedding anniversary, your graduation party with friends and relatives and your eighteenth birthday, the most yearned-for and long-awaited moment of all.  All these emotions, these unique and unforgettable moments, deserve the perfect setting to make them everlasting and eternal. 

Villa & Palazzo Aminta puts its extraordinary panorama overlooking Lake Maggiore and the splendid and lush Borromeo Islands at your complete disposal.

Feel the embrace of the refined elegance of our rooms and our restaurants. Relax in the shade of the flourishing park at Villa & Palazzo Aminta, while our staff will work carefully to offer you a complete and meticulous service and a wide range of possibilities to choose from to make your ceremony unforgettable.