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Our philosophy

Restore harmony: manipulating the body with the contact, enhancing the taste with nutrition, urging pleasure with luxury, sun, water, charm of a place, of art and nature. Here are the basic elements of our philosophy. Our life forces us to predominance of mind, reason and action. To balance this direction we need to act on physics and on our senses.

We have created a proposal for "physical" wellbeing, not mental , which meets in immediate, basic needs of pleasure that urges us to nature. This elementary proposal, physical, naturally includes the heat, the breeze, the pool water, the shore of the lake and the park, "Yin", the female of the spa's "Grotta" and the "Yang", the male of the sun of Lake Maggiore.

Our wellness care is based on the energetic balance through massage, baths, combination of movement and energy, relaxation and nutrition.

Here are our treatments and massages.

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